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Coaching and Mentorship

How your Session will be like

Transformational, Spiritual, Energetic and Practical Coaching and Mentorship

What can be included

Mindset Mastery, Quantum Energy Work, Light Language Activation, Guided Mediation, Guided Hypnosis, Somatic Practices, Body Work, Movement and Dance Medicine, Accountability Action Checklist, Energy Mirroring, Real Talk.

How to prepare

Be as you are, come as you are. Each session is unique and tailored specifically for you as you are in every moment. We can focus on any topics, goals or themes of your choice and flow, direct and weave from there. You can expect shifts, changes, clarity, insights and revelations and a whole new sense of Yourself, your Energy, your Life and your Purpose.


After your Session you will be able to contact Madalena for any further questions, support and Guidance.

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