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Private Coaching with Madalena

Embodied Spiritual Business Coaching and Mentorship

Transformating and Scalling your Spiritual Business through Embodiment, Action, Energetics, Alignment and Visibility.

Online Courses and Memberships

Transformational Containers to Ignite and Activate

Turn your Pain into Power with Madalena and Janneke

A 3 week Course that shifts you from Pain and Victimhood to Power and Radiance!

Achieving Goals and Manifesting Dreams

Course + Community

A living Course and Online Community Space filled with Spiritual and Practical Tools and Resources to help you achieve your Goals and manifest your Dreams!

Activation Membership and Community

Activation Membership Community Space and a Living Library filled with Exclusive Video Resources, Guided Meditations and Somatic Practices to activate your Energy!

How we work Multidimensionally and in the Quantum

Quantum | Multidimensional | Energy | Coding 

Connecting with your Auric Energy Field and your Multidimensional and Quantum Fields, we channel and weave the Energies, coding your Fields and the Fields of your Offerings, Brands, Businesses, Homes, etc.

As your Fields and the Fields of your Business/Brand/Offerings are always changing, evolving and shifting, your Light Codes and Energetics also keep upgrading, shifting and evolving.

We tap in to the Frequencies you are wanting to co-create with and code, weave, seal and anchor them in the Quantum, Multidimensionally and in Physicality.

Your Light Codes, Keys and Frequencies will anchor, hold, move, nurture, magnetise, sustain, expand, shift and evolve everything around and within the space (your Fields, Spaces, Home, Business, etc.).

They will communicate and weave with you as Living Consciousness, and they will assist in clearing, shifting, magnetising and expanding whatever it is you are creating and experiencing.

Meet Madalena

She's an Artist and Energy Weaver

Here to ignite, remind, guide, activate and inspire Soul Tribe to Be Embodied in their Unique Expression, Power and Radiance and join our hands and hearts and create beautiful Spaces, Worlds, Events and Experiences together!

Art | Music | Soul Mission | Multidimensional and Quantum Energy Weaving | Community | Ceremony | Expression | Celebration | Expression | Embodiment | Love | New Earth

Why Dragons?

After meeting and connecting with many different Beings, one day the Dragons came to me in a Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance. I had never thought about them before. Since then, they never left my side again and have been blessing me with incredible synchronicities, signs, gifts, encounters, opportunities, knowledge, information, miracles, transformations, powers, abilities and soul family.

A little more about Dragons

They are being of Pure Love Embodied. Their hearts are Pure and they are fully connected and in tune with everything. They can clear, dissolve, shift, harmonise and raise any energies and frequencies and they are such amazing Friends, Guardians, Protectors and Allies. They are assisting us all and Earth to transmute, shift and elevate the Collective Frequency and Consciousness.

Your Light Language Codes
Light Language Coded Art for your Offerings, Businesses, Websites, Spaces, Homes, etc.

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What do you want to Code with Light Language? (Product, Offering, Business, Website, Home, Personal Channeled Code, etc.) *

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